I never resell your articles/e-books/reports.  They may be used in my portfolio, but if you don’t want me to use them as a sample of my work, I won’t.  Complete deletion of work available on request.
All of my work is 100% original content.  I never cut and copy-I find it to actually be more time consuming for me.
I have several clients-I try to do everyone’s work as evenly as possible so no one feels slighted.
If I give you a deadline and I’m going to be late, I will send you an email detailing why and what happened and a new deadline.  Generally I’m late because of illness in the house or unexpected family visits.  This rarely happens, but please note that I do have several clients, (and a very active baby) so I can usually only complete a set amount of work per week-don’t give me a vast number of articles and expect them to be done in five days.  I do try to complete a minimum of 10 400-500 word articles per work week for everyone who needs articles. 
Articles can be sent as finished or in a bundle at the end of the work week/project at your direction.
I believe in feedback.  If you’re not happy with my work, please tell me what needs to be changed and I’ll fix it.  On that note however, please be respectful and understanding.  I don’t put up with rudeness, harrassment, bad flirting (I’m married-I don’t appreciate being called ‘hun’ by my clients and yes, this has happened), and I expect you to expect the same from me.  Please understand that I work from home with a baby and am expected to do the cooking and cleaning and grocery shopping, so there will be days where not much gets done.  I try to minimize this, but alas, life.  If you are happy with my work, let me know!  As a writer, I depend on ego boosts every so often, 🙂 
I do prefer to be friendly with my clients, but I am also a professional.  Please keep friendliness to being friendly co-workers of sorts, not stalking, flirting, or otherwise being strange.  I have had bad experiences with this too!  I get rid of clients who are rude or creepy without notice, so you’ve been warned! 
I will not do your homework or anyone else’s homework.  If I suspect homework, I won’t take the job.  I also will not open ebay accounts or any other accounts like that and sell them to you-I think that’s against most company regulations and I don’t feel comfortable, understandably, with having my name and bank information sold!

Thank you very much!