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How Do Garage Doors Break Down?


Garage doors function on a fairly simple system.  Basically, the garage door runs on a series of springs and tracks which draws the door up and holds it in place until it can be pulled down again.  Motorized garage doors add another layer to this my having a motor do the work of pushing and pulling the garage door via a signal from you, but that’s about the extent of it.  However, even with something simple, there can still be room for wear and tear.  How does something like a garage door break down?


There are actually a few ways that a garage door can break down on you.  The first and most obvious way is through simple wear and tear; using the garage door regularly causes the springs and motor to wear out and over time, they will stop functioning.  With a manual garage door, this isn’t such a bit deal because the door stays ‘locked’ on the tracks unless it is moved.  The tracks concave inward while the door is being moved, so the door stay sin place.  However, with an electronic garage door, if something breaks down in the opener or springs, the door won’t open or close, leaving you with a useless garage or a security risk.


Alongside wear and tear is the rusting factor which hits all garages at one point or another.  Rust damages the mechanics in the garage, causing it to eventually stop working properly and ending up worn out, rusted, and useless for your needs.  Rusting will happen more often in humid areas and it can be safeguarded against by keeping your garage as dry as possible and sometimes by rust guarding the machinery if you can afford to take the time and money to do it.


Another common way for a garage door to break down is jamming.  The tracks on a manual garage door may become twisted, warped or jammed, making it hard for the door to move up or down.  In motorized doors, the jam may occur between the door and ceiling as it is moving up or down, causing the whole system to lock up.  Usually this happens if something breaks and jams (such as a chunk of the ceiling or door) or if something gets jammed in from a storm. 


Garage doors do last quite a long time so long as nothing untoward happens, but every so often they will have to be replaced.   Fortunately, it’s usually pretty obvious when something is wrong  and you don’t have to feel as though it jumped on you! If something does happen to damage them, such as a bad storm, flooding, or jams in the system, then you will have to get it fixed as soon as possible, particularly if it won’t close properly.  While some fixes you may be able to do on your own, others may be more difficult or you might not be very comfortable doing the repairs, and so getting a good garage repair person might be a good idea.   


Written by yours truly at Quill for Hire ^^.

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