I know it’s a bit late in coming, but this was supposed to be Friday’s blog, so here it is.

It’s getting into summer where I live now and that means it’s getting hot.  Considering how I live in northern (well, north part of central) Canada, you’d think that I wouldn’t have this problem.  After all, Hollywood has us pegged as either raining or snowing year round.  Well, it’s not true.  During the summer it gets hot.  Ridiculously hot.  +40 degrees F hot sometimes.

Heat is bad if you’re a freelance writer.  Certainly the image of languishing on a lawn chair, languidly typing about some random subject seems appealing, but the reality is that heat kills the creative juices (not to mention the computer) needed to do this job with a smile.  There are a few reasons why Mr. Sun equals a sudden drop in work turnaround.

You like the sun.  You adore it.  You’re one of those insane people who dream about +36 weather year round and when it finally comes, you hit the beach, the bars, the outdoor cafes, the parties, and the parks.  Whoops!  There went your work.  Ah well; surely your clients are doing the same?

You hate the sun.  You think that the best days are ones where there is no sun.  When the sun comes, you have no energy, no motivation, and you’re in a bad temper from not sleeping at night.  Try writing when you want to kill the sunshine and possibly gouge your eyes out. 

So how can you beat the summer writer’s block?  Well, unless you’re rich enough to follow any of the other seasons around, it’s time for discipline and some easy tricks.

1.  Drink plenty of water/juice.  Keep your fluid intake level high during the summer months.  Not only will this prevent dehydration, but water and juice will also help to perk you up again and give you something quick to do in between paragraphs.  Keep your brain (and the rest of you) hydrated!

2.  Work somewhere cool.  Work in the basement, work in the room facing the north, work in front of a fan; just get somewhere cool.  If this means totally redesigning your workspace, so be it.  You won’t be able to work if you’re sweating, sticky, and have  heatstroke. 

3.  Work at night.  Evenings are cooler than the day, no matter how bad it gets during the day.  If you can take advantage of this, do so.  Working at night will also free up your day for lounging and prevent you from barhopping every few nights. 

4. Read while you’re out lounging.  Do any work that involves doing easier things for you.  Start off with easy things and work your way to the difficult topics and you’ll find your writer’s block is much easier to get rid of then when you started off with the hard stuff. 

5.  Work naked.  Hell, why not?  One of the advantages to working at home that’s always being advertised is working in your pyjamas.  Take it one step further and wear nothing.  Just don’t put a hot laptop on your lap!

6.  Remember that your computer is sweating too.  If you decide to take off for an hour or two, remember to put your computer in hibernation mode or turn it off altogether or else you could end up frying something.  Your computer is your livelihood; take care of it.

7.  Finally, try to get enough sleep and to eat.  Being poorly rested is sometimes a reality of summer, especially if you dont do well in the heat, but exacerbating the situation by not sleeping at all will make your work turnaround halt.  If you decide to work at night, sleep during the day; or, have a nap during the hottest part of the day-just make sure to do what you can to stay rested.

And with that, this Quill is off to sweat her way through some more articles.  Counting down the days til Autumn already!