You’ve likely come here by accident and that’s ok!  In my line of work, I’ve learned that a lot of hunting for something online ends up leading you off in a totally different and wonderful direction.  So what is my line of work?  Well, I’m a freelance writer and editor and that’s what Quill for Hire is all about.  Right now unfortunately, the only Quill for Hire is me, but that’s ok. 

A freelance writer and editor can be both a boon and a weird employee for any online business (or regular business) big and small.  Freelance writers occupy an odd employment space-we are both very necessary in the world of online business, but we are also very underappreciated in that there are so many of us fighting for work that we very often undercut ourselves (and each other), meaning that we are necessary, but we are paid little!  You certainly don’t get into this business for the cash flow because it’s more like a cash <i>dribble</i>. 

That’s all right.  This business also lets me work at home, somewhat set my rates, and do what I love: write and research and do some editing work too.

So what the heck is Quill for Hire?  Well, this is the place where you can learn more about freelance writing and editing if you’re interested in the job, where you can hire this Quill of course, and where you can learn more about me and what I’ve learned in working in this industry for almost two years.   I hope if nothing else, you’ll enjoy my roughly weekly blogs and if you ever need a writer or editor, hey, you now know who to call (er, email).

So that’s it.  Comment at will and be sure to subscribe and check back regularly.  You never know what’s going on here!